Barn has recently invested in 3 very innovative and promising Companies

Dear colleagues and friends,

As most of you know, we have been actively involved in Venture Capital at Barn Investments for the past years, and are happy to announce our most recent acquisitions!

Barn has recently invested in 3 very innovative and promising Companies: Trocafone, Worldpackers and Skore.

We are honoured, and proud to become a part of these great teams and looking forward to the positive impact that these Companies will bring to their respective markets.

Please find attached a brief description of the brand new additions to our investment portfolio. Special thanks to all of those who worked very hard to make this happen and who believe in the power of entrepreneurship.

Best Regards,

One man’s trash is another man’s smartphone. Despite the fact that Brazil is Latin America’s largest smartphone market, 166 million of its residents (80%) still live without smartphones due to the high cost of a new device. Trocafone conducts what one of its founders calls “arbitrage between social classes,” buying used electronics and reselling them at a discount via its online platform. Trocafone has established close partnerships with some of Brazil’s largest telecom operators (Oi and TIM) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) (Samsung, Apple, Sony, Motorola, and LG). Targeting the US$2.2 billion used-smartphone market in Brazil and the larger US$4.5 billion Latin American market, Trocafone is the clear Latin American leader in the used smartphone market. With expected annual revenues of R$ 100 MM in 2016, Trocafone has raised a new round to accelerate growth in Brazil as well as expand operations across Latin American countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Present in 98 countries, Worldpackers is disrupting the tourism industry by enabling accessible travel to everyone. The current tourism industry doesn’t serve Millennials’ needs, who want meaningful travel experiences and deep cultural exchanges. Hosts (hostels, B&Bs, hotels and guesthouses) need to save money on staff costs (representing 25% of all costs) and need a motivated staff force to improve guest experience. Worldpackers connects hosts and travellers around the world through a Global Marketplace that exchanges skills for accommodation. The innovative tool helps hosts and travellers around the world with host listings and traveler profiles, double-sided searches, staff management tool for hosts, as well as interaction features to confirm trips (chat, video, documents, etc).

Skore is a fundamentally different way to create and share knowledge within teams or companies. Skore is an innovative tool that allows teams and businesses to create and share knowledge in a modern and efficient way. In a world overloaded with information, teams struggle to transform all that input into action and results. Through Skore team members can capture documents, links, and media, and organize them in an easy-to-use digital hub where information is shared between groups, teams, and organizations. The platform also measures learning progress and personal engagement of team members. With a friendly and easy to integrate product (with several different content platforms), Skore is helping large companies in Brazil, USA, and Europe in disseminating content, technology, and information to its staff and employees.