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We are private equity and venture capital investors in search of incredible entrepreneurs who are dedicated and committed to their Companies. We are sector agnostic investors looking for high growth potential businesses in diverse industries. We understand our roll as partners and shareholders and adopt a hands-on approach to our investments, taking a leading position in important financial, operational and strategic Company decisions.


We are highly committed to disciplined management of our investors’ and Companies’ resources as we believe that is the only way to improve and deliver the expected returns. We invest in Companies that we believe can benefit from the complementarity of our skills, implementing best practices based on the experience and track-record acquired throughout the years in the Brazilian private equity/venture capital markets.


We understand the challenges and pitfalls of entrepreneurship because we are, and have been entrepreneurs as well! Having been exposed to the real entrepreneurial experience allows us to connect in a closer, more realistic level, with entrepreneurs and their Companies’ needs.


We do business with people, and understand that a Company’s value and potential are directly related to the quality and commitment of its people. We are interested in partnering with ethical, well-intended people who are willing to carry business in an honest and transparent way so that all parts involved can benefit from the relationship. As long-term investors we look for investments, business opportunities, and relationships that will last for many years.


Our Team


Founding partner at Barn Investments. Flavio graduated from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Prior to founding Barn, Flavio worked for a few private equity funds where he was involved with a variety of deals in a wide range of industry sectors. Flavio has gone through several full private equity investment cycles (investment, management and divestment) in diverse Companies. Also holds significant experience with fund raising, M&As, IPOs and Private Placement processes. Flavio is experienced as an entrepreneur, having founded Permute when we has 25 years old. Flavio has held a position as CFO in a tech Company, and well as Board Member in several Companies.


Graduated in Production Engineering from the Polytechnic School at Universidade de São Paulo (USP),Thiago worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Equity Research in São Paulo and NY, determining investment merit of publicly listed companies in the financial sector in LatAm. Participated in several equity placements including the IPO of Santander Brasil, Santander Mexico, Cielo, Inversiones la Construccion, and secondary offerings for Banco do Brasil and Itau Unibanco, among others. Ranked top team by Institutional Investor in 2009, 2010 and 2011.



Agritask has developed a highly flexible and integrative data-driven software platform for agronomic management. With “One Platform, One Database” approach, it provides a holistic solution to support real time decision-making. It integrates with several agricultural data solutions including machinery and other hardware sensors, satellite imagery, drones, weather stations among others.


Nutrebem’s mission is to improve children’s eating habits in schools across Brazil. The Company allows schools and parents to access student’s food choices and the evolution of such choices from a nutritional perspective, in an innovative way. Partner schools distribute Nutrebem’s prepaid cards, that allow for online sale restrictions and credit control. With the collected information, Nutrebem then issues personalized nutritional reports. Through the use of Nutrebem’s prepaid cards, self-service totems and nutritional and big-data management systems, the Company manages to reduce the circulation of money and queues in schools and canteens, and successfully evaluates the results of students’ nutritional education.


Leader in Latin American, Trocafone buys used electronics and resells them at a discount via its online platform, conducting an “arbitrage between social classes”.


Worldpackers enables accessible travel to everyone by connecting hosts and travellers around the world through a Global Marketplace that exchanges skills for accommodation.


Skore is a fundamentally different way to create and share knowledge within teams or companies, allowing businesses to disseminate knowledge in a modern and efficient way.


Strider is a precision agriculture Company which has developed an innovative tool to monitor pests, deseases and weeds. The mobile application allows agronomists and farm owners to monitor, control and take specific actions based on an easy to use interface, accessible to all producers.


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